Social Marketing Masterclass in Canberra

Interested in influencing behaviours good?

The Australian Association of Social Marketing (AASM) in conjunction with Social Marketing @Griffith will hold a Social Marketing Masterclass in Canberra on May 5th.

The Masterclass will highlight the latest techniques used to drive successful social marketing and behaviour change campaigns.

Designed to ignite strategic thinking the masterclass is aimed at experienced practitioners looking to update their skills and build upon their existing knowledge base.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage with some of Australia’s leading social marketing minds including our own Luke van der Beeke, and experts from Colmar Brunton and The Reputation Group.

Social Marketing Masterclass topics include:

·   How to apply key behaviour change theories for maximum campaign benefit;

·   How to develop an exchange offering that appeals to your target audience;

·   What the pillars for social marketing success are; and

·   How to engage citizens and personalise messaging to them.

A range of engaging case studies will be presented throughout the day.

During the masterclass attendees will have the opportunity to tackle real world challenges they’ve faced while working alongside our experts to produce suitable solutions.

AASM President Ross Gordon said: “The Association together with Social Marketing @Griffith has organised the masterclass to help increase the effectiveness of social marketing practice in Australia and for marketers to develop a better understanding of behavioural interventions and messaging that work.”

“It’s a great opportunity to learn about the latest thinking and methodologies as well as gain insights from experienced social marketers.”


Prices for the Masterclass range from $250 to $450 for the day, depending on the date of purchase and AASM membership status.

Full day catering is included in the price.

For further information on the Social Marketing Masterclass and to register your interest please visit the AASM event page.