Behavioural Insight

If people made good choices, governments all over the world wouldn’t be so worried about issues like climate change, lifestyle illnesses, the ageing population, dwindling food stocks and so on. People wouldn’t smoke, drink too much, litter or speed. But they do. And that’s despite billions of dollars being spent over several decades on advertising and promotion telling people they shouldn’t.

Today, a growing number of public bodies are applying evidence-based understandings of human behaviour to inform policy design and implementation. It’s called behavioural insight, and it draws on a vast body of academic literature and evidence-based practice from disciplines including marketing, behavioural economics, sociology, neuroscience, psychology, behavioural design and behavioural psychology.

Behavioural insight is gaining traction because it provides policy-makers with cost-effective, and at times relatively simple approaches to changing people’s behaviour. When applied correctly, behavioural insight can be used to develop highly impactful, low-cost measures that steer people to better choices for themselves and society as a whole.

Marketing for Change can provide expert advice on the application of behavioural insight to public policy formulation and implementation. We can also advise NGO’s and civil society organisations how to use behavioural insight to maximise the impact of planned or existing behaviour change programs.

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“We should not jump in with interventions before having a good ‘behavioural diagnosis.'” – Susan Michie